(texinfo.info)Create an Info File

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Creating an Info File

   `makeinfo' is a utility that converts a Texinfo file into an Info
file; `texinfo-format-region' and `texinfo-format-buffer' are GNU Emacs
functions that do the same.

   A Texinfo file must possess an `@setfilename' line near its
beginning, otherwise the Info formatting commands will fail.

   For information on installing the Info file in the Info system, see
Note: Install an Info File.

* makeinfo advantages
`makeinfo' provides better error checking.
* Invoking makeinfo
How to run `makeinfo' from a shell.
* makeinfo options
Specify fill-column and other options.
* Pointer Validation
How to check that pointers point somewhere.
* makeinfo in Emacs
How to run `makeinfo' from Emacs.
* texinfo-format commands
Two Info formatting commands written in Emacs Lisp are an alternative to `makeinfo'.
* Batch Formatting
How to format for Info in Emacs Batch mode.
* Tag and Split Files
How tagged and split files help Info to run better.

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