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The "stabs" representation of debugging information

   This document describes the stabs debugging format.

* Overview
Overview of stabs
* Program Structure
Encoding of the structure of the program
* Constants
* Variables
* Types
Type definitions
* Symbol Tables
Symbol information in symbol tables
* Cplusplus
* Stab Types
Symbol types in a.out files
* Symbol Descriptors
Table of symbol descriptors
* Type Descriptors
Table of type descriptors
* Expanded Reference
Reference information by stab type
* Questions
Questions and anomolies
* XCOFF Differences
Differences between GNU stabs in a.out and GNU stabs in XCOFF
* Sun Differences
Differences between GNU stabs and Sun native stabs
* Stabs In ELF
Stabs in an ELF file.
* Symbol Types Index
Index of symbolic stab symbol type names.

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