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   This info manual describes pcl-cvs which is a GNU Emacs front-end to
CVS.  It works with CVS version 1.3.  This manual is updated to release
1.05 of pcl-cvs.

* Copying
GNU General Public License
* Installation
How to install pcl-cvs on your system.
* About pcl-cvs
Authors and ftp sites.
* Getting started
An introduction with a walk-through example.
* Buffer contents
An explanation of the buffer contents.
* Commands
All commands, grouped by type.
* Customization
How you can tailor pcl-cvs to suit your needs.
* Future enhancements
Future enhancements of pcl-cvs.
* Bugs
Bugs (known and unknown).
* Function and Variable Index
List of functions and variables.
* Concept Index
List of concepts.
* Key Index
List of keystrokes.
 -- The Detailed Node Listing --


* Pcl-cvs installation
How to install pcl-cvs on your system.
* On-line manual installation
How to install the on-line manual.
* Typeset manual installation
How to create typeset documentation about pcl-cvs.
About pcl-cvs

* Contributors
Contributors to pcl-cvs.
* Archives
Where can I get a copy of Pcl-Cvs?
Buffer contents

* File status
The meaning of the second field.
* Selected files
How selection works.

* Updating the directory
Commands to update the local directory
* Movement commands
How to move up and down in the buffer
* Marking files
How to mark files that other commands will later operate on.
* Committing changes
Checking in your modifications to the CVS repository.
* Editing files
Loading files into Emacs.
* Getting info about files
Display the log and status of files.
* Adding and removing files
Adding and removing files
* Undoing changes
Undoing changes
* Removing handled entries
Uninteresting lines can easily be removed.
* Ignoring files
Telling CVS to ignore generated files.
* Viewing differences
Commands to `diff' different versions.
* Emerge
* Reverting your buffers
Reverting your buffers
* Miscellaneous commands
Miscellaneous commands

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