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Using the Stand-alone Info Reader

What is Info?

  This text documents the use of the GNU Info program, version

  "Info" is a program which is used to view info files on an ASCII
terminal. "info files" are the result of processing texinfo files with
the program `makeinfo' or with  the Emacs command `M-x
texinfo-format-buffer'.  Finally, "texinfo" is a documentation language
which allows a printed manual and online documentation (an info file)
to be produced from a single source file.

* Options
Options you can pass on the command line.
* Cursor Commands
Commands which move the cursor within a node.
* Scrolling Commands
Commands for moving the node around in a window.
* Node Commands
Commands for selecting a new node.
* Searching Commands
Commands for searching an info file.
* Xref Commands
Commands for selecting cross references.
* Window Commands
Commands which manipulate multiple windows.
* Printing Nodes
How to print out the contents of a node.
* Miscellaneous Commands
A few commands that defy categories.
* Variables
How to change the default behaviour of Info.

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