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Tag Tables for Info Files

   You can speed up the access to nodes of a large Info file by giving
it a tag table.  Unlike the tag table for a program, the tag table for
an Info file lives inside the file itself and is used automatically
whenever Info reads in the file.

   To make a tag table, go to a node in the file using Emacs Info mode
and type `M-x Info-tagify'.  Then you must use `C-x C-s' to save the

   Once the Info file has a tag table, you must make certain it is up
to date.  If, as a result of deletion of text, any node moves back more
than a thousand characters in the file from the position recorded in
the tag table, Info will no longer be able to find that node.  To
update the tag table, use the `Info-tagify' command again.

   An Info file tag table appears at the end of the file and looks like

     Tag Table:
     File: info, Node: Cross-refs^?21419
     File: info,  Node: Tags^?22145
     End Tag Table

Note that it contains one line per node, and this line contains the
beginning of the node's header (ending just after the node name), a
Delete character, and the character position in the file of the
beginning of the node.

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