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Returning to the Previous node

   This node is called `Help-P'.  The `Previous' node, as you see, is
`Help', which is the one you just came from using the `n' command.
Another `n' command now would take you to the next node, `Help-^L'.

>> But do not do that yet.  First, try the `p' command, which takes
   you to the `Previous' node.  When you get there, you can do an
   `n' again to return here.

   This all probably seems insultingly simple so far, but *do not* be
led into skimming.  Things will get more complicated soon.  Also, do
not try a new command until you are told it is time to.  Otherwise, you
may make Info skip past an important warning that was coming up.

>> Now do an `n' to get to the node `Help-^L' and learn more.

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