(info.info)Emacs Info Variables

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Emacs Info-mode Variables

   The following variables may modify the behaviour of Info-mode in
Emacs; you may wish to set one or several of these variables
interactively, or in your `~/.emacs' init file.  Note: Examining and
Setting Variables.

     Set to `nil', disables the `e' (`Info-edit') command.  A non-`nil'
     value enables it.  Note: Edit.

     When set to a non-`nil' value, allows Info to execute Lisp code
     associated with nodes.  The Lisp code is executed when the node is

     The list of directories to search for Info files.  Each element is
     a string (directory name) or `nil' (try default directory).

     The standard directory for Info documentation files.  Only used
     when the function `Info-directory' is called.

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