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Checking an Info File

   When creating an Info file, it is easy to forget the name of a node
when you are making a pointer to it from another node.  If you put in
the wrong name for a node, this is not detected until someone tries to
go through the pointer using Info.  Verification of the Info file is an
automatic process which checks all pointers to nodes and reports any
pointers which are invalid.  Every `Next', `Previous', and `Up' is
checked, as is every menu item and every cross reference.  In addition,
any `Next' which does not have a `Previous' pointing back is reported.
Only pointers within the file are checked, because checking pointers to
other files would be terribly slow.  But those are usually few.

   To check an Info file, do `M-x Info-validate' while looking at any
node of the file with Emacs Info mode.

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