(info.info)Advanced Info

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Info for Experts

   This chapter describes various advanced Info commands, and how to
write an Info as distinct from a Texinfo file.  (However, in most
cases, writing a Texinfo file is better, since you can use it *both* to
generate an Info file and to make a printed manual.  Note: Overview of

* Expert
Advanced Info commands: g, s, e, and 1 - 5.
* Add
Describes how to add new nodes to the hierarchy. Also tells what nodes look like.
* Menus
How to add to or create menus in Info nodes.
* Cross-refs
How to add cross-references to Info nodes.
* Tags
How to make tag tables for Info files.
* Checking
Checking an Info File
* Emacs Info Variables
Variables modifying the behavior of Emacs Info.

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