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Scope of this Document

   This document documents the internals of the GNU debugger, GDB.  It
is intended to document aspects of GDB which apply across many different
parts of GDB (for example, Note: Coding Style.), or which are global
aspects of design (for example, what are the major modules and which
files document them in detail?).  Information which pertains to specific
data structures, functions, variables, etc., should be put in comments
in the source code, not here.  It is more likely to get noticed and kept
up to date there.  Some of the information in this document should
probably be moved into comments.

* Getting Started
Getting started working on GDB
* Debugging GDB
Debugging GDB with itself
* New Architectures
Defining a New Host or Target Architecture
* Config
Adding a New Configuration
* Host
Adding a New Host
* Native
Adding a New Native Configuration
* Target
Adding a New Target
* Languages
Defining New Source Languages
* Releases
Configuring GDB for Release
* Partial Symbol Tables
How GDB reads symbols quickly at startup
* Types
How GDB keeps track of types
* BFD support for GDB
How BFD and GDB interface
* Symbol Reading
Defining New Symbol Readers
* Cleanups
* Wrapping
Wrapping Output Lines
* Frames
Keeping track of function calls
* Remote Stubs
Code that runs in targets and talks to GDB
* Longjmp Support
Stepping through longjmp's in the target
* Coding Style
Strunk and White for GDB maintainers
* Clean Design
Frank Lloyd Wright for GDB maintainers
* Submitting Patches
How to get your changes into GDB releases
* Host Conditionals
What features exist in the host
* Target Conditionals
What features exist in the target
* Native Conditionals
Conditionals for when host and target are same
* Obsolete Conditionals
Conditionals that don't exist any more
The Object file format used on IBM's RS/6000

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