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Forms Mode

   Forms mode is an Emacs major mode for working with simple textual
data bases in a forms-oriented manner.  In Forms mode, the information
in these files is presented in an Emacs window in a user-defined format,
one record at a time.  The user can view records or modify their

   Forms mode is not a simple major mode, but requires two files to do
its job: a control file and a data file.  The data file holds the
actual data to be presented.  The control file describes how to present

* Forms Example
An example: editing the password data base.
* Entering and Exiting Forms Mode
How to visit a file in Forms mode.
* Forms Commands
Special commands to use while in Forms mode.
* Data File Format
How to format the data file.
* Control File Format
How to control forms mode.
* Format Description
How to define the forms layout.
* Modifying Forms Contents
How to modify.
* Miscellaneous
Forms mode messages and other remarks.
* Error Messages
List of error messages forms mode can produce.
* Long Example
A more complex control file example.
* Credits
Thanks everyone.
* Index
Index to this manual.

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