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Spontaneous Entry to Incremental Search

   If Emacs spontaneously displays `I-search:' at the bottom of the
screen, it means that the terminal is sending `C-s' and `C-q' according
to the poorly designed xon/xoff "flow control" protocol.

   If this happens to you, your best recourse is to put the terminal in
a mode where it will not use flow control, or give it so much padding
that it will never send a `C-s'.  (One way to increase the amount of
padding is to set the variable `baud-rate' to a larger value.  Its
value is the terminal output speed, measured in the conventional units
of baud.)

   If you don't succeed in turning off flow control, the next best thing
is to tell Emacs to cope with it.  To do this, call the function

   Typically there are particular terminal types with which you must use
flow control.  You can conveniently ask for flow control on those
terminal types only, using `enable-flow-control-on'.  For example, if
you find you must use flow control on VT-100 and H19 terminals, put the
following in your `.emacs' file:

     (enable-flow-control-on "vt100" "h19")

   When flow control is enabled, you must type `C-\' to get the effect
of a `C-s', and type `C-^' to get the effect of a `C-q'.  (These
aliases work by means of keyboard translations; see Note: Keyboard

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