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Unix TeX Distribution

   TeX for Unix systems can be obtained from the University of
Washington for a distribution fee.

   To order a full distribution, send $200.00 for a 1/2-inch 9-track
1600 bpi (tar or cpio) tape reel, or $210.00 for a 1/4-inch 4-track
QIC-24 (tar or cpio) cartridge, payable to the University of Washington

     Northwest Computing Support Center
     DR-10, Thomson Hall 35
     University of Washington
     Seattle, Washington 98195

Purchase orders are acceptable, but there is an extra charge of $10.00,
to pay for processing charges.

For overseas orders please add $20.00 to the base cost for shipment via
air parcel post, or $30.00 for shipment via courier.

   The normal distribution is a tar tape, blocked 20, 1600 bpi, on an
industry standard 2400 foot half-inch reel.  The physical format for
the 1/4 inch streamer cartridges uses QIC-11, 8000 bpi, 4-track
serpentine recording for the SUN.  Also, System V tapes can be written
in cpio format, blocked 5120 bytes, ASCII headers.

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