(emacs)Submodes of Emerge

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Submodes of Emerge

   You can choose between two modes for giving merge commands: Fast mode
and Edit mode.  In Fast mode, basic Emerge commands are single
characters, but ordinary Emacs commands are disabled.  This is
convenient if you use only Emerge commands.

   In Edit mode, all Emerge commands start with the prefix key `C-c
C-c', and the normal Emacs commands are also available.  This allows
editing the merge buffer, but slows down Emerge operations.

   Use `e' to switch to Edit mode, and `C-c C-c f' to switch to Fast
mode.  The mode line indicates Edit and Fast modes with `E' and `F'.

   Emerge has two additional submodes that affect how particular merge
commands work: Auto Advance mode and Skip Prefers mode.

   If Auto Advance mode is in effect, the `a' and `b' commands advance
to the next difference.  This lets you go through the merge faster as
long as you simply choose one of the alternatives from the input.  The
mode line indicates Auto Advance mode with `A'.

   If Skip Prefers mode is in effect, the `n' and `p' commands skip
over differences in states prefer-A and prefer-B.  Thus you see only
differences for which neither version is presumed "correct".  The mode
line indicates Skip Prefers mode with `S'.

   Use the command `s a' (`emerge-auto-advance-mode') to set or clear
Auto Advance mode.  Use `s s' (`emerge-skip-prefers-mode') to set or
clear Skip Prefers mode.  These commands turn on the mode with a
positive argument, turns it off with a negative or zero argument, and
toggle the mode with no argument.

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