(emacs)Subdirectories in Dired

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Subdirectories in Dired

   A Dired buffer displays just one directory in the normal case; but
you can optionally include its subdirectories as well.

   The simplest way to include multiple directories in one Dired buffer
is to specify the options `-lR' for running `ls'.  (If you give a
numeric argument when you run Dired, then you can specify these options
in the minibuffer.)  That produces a recursive directory listing showing
all subdirectories at all levels.

   But usually all the subdirectories are too many; usually you will
prefer to include specific subdirectories only.  You can do this with
the `i' command:

     Insert the contents of a subdirectory later in the buffer.

     Use the `i' (`dired-maybe-insert-subdir') command on a line that
     describes a file which is a directory.  It inserts the contents of
     that directory into the same Dired buffer, and moves there.
     Inserted subdirectory contents follow the top-level directory of
     the Dired buffer, just as they do in `ls -lR' output.

     If the subdirectory's contents are already present in the buffer,
     the `i' command just moves to it.

     In either case, `i' sets the Emacs mark before moving, so `C-x
     C-x' takes you back to the old position in the buffer (the line
     describing that subdirectory).

     Use the `l' command (`dired-do-redisplay') to update the
     subdirectory's contents.  Use `k' to delete the subdirectory.
     Note: Dired Updating.

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