(emacs)Specified Dates

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Particular Dates

   Calendar mode provides commands for getting to a particular date
specified absolutely.

`g d'
     Move point to specified date (`calendar-goto-date').

     Center calendar around specified month (`calendar-other-month').

     Move point to today's date (`calendar-current-month').

   `g d' (`calendar-goto-date') prompts for a year, a month, and a day
of the month, and then moves to that date.  Because the calendar
includes all dates from the beginning of the current era, you must type
the year in its entirety; that is, type `1990', not `90'.

   `o' (`calendar-other-month') prompts for a month and year, then
centers the three-month calendar around that month.

   You can return to today's date with `.' (`calendar-current-month').

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