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Running Shell Commands from Emacs

   Emacs has commands for passing single command lines to inferior shell
processes; it can also run a shell interactively with input and output
to an Emacs buffer `*shell*'.

     Run a specified shell command line and display the output

     Run a specified shell command line with region contents as input;
     optionally replace the region with the output

`M-x shell'
     Run a subshell with input and output through an Emacs buffer.  You
     can then give commands interactively.

* Single Shell
How to run one shell command and return.
* Interactive Shell
Permanent shell taking input via Emacs.
* Shell Mode
Special Emacs commands used with permanent shell.
* History
Shell HistoryRepeating previous commands in a shell buffer.
* Options
Shell OptionsOptions for customizing Shell mode.

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