(emacs)Secondary Selection

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Secondary Selection

   The "secondary selection" is another way of selecting text using X.
It does not use point or the mark, so you can use it to kill text
without setting point or the mark.

     Set the secondary selection, with one end at the place where you
     press down the button, and the other end at the place where you
     release it (`mouse-set-secondary').  In Transient Mark mode,
     highlighting appears and changes as you drag.

     If you move the mouse off the top or bottom of the window while
     dragging, the window scrolls at a steady rate until you move the
     mouse back into the window.  This way, you can mark regions that
     don't fit entirely on the screen.

     Set one endpoint for the "secondary selection"

     Make a secondary selection, using the place specified with
     `M-mouse-1' as the other end (`mouse-secondary-save-then-kill').
     A second click at the same place kills the secondary selection
     just made.

     Kill the secondary selection (`mouse-kill-secondary').

   Double or triple clicking of `M-Mouse-1' operates on words and
lines, much like Mouse-1.

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