(emacs)Search Case

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Searching and Case

   All sorts of searches in Emacs normally ignore the case of the text
they are searching through, if you specify the text in lower case.
Thus, if you specify searching for `foo', then `Foo' and `foo' are also
considered a match.  Regexps, and in particular character sets, are
included: `[ab]' would match `a' or `A' or `b' or `B'.

   An upper-case letter in the search string makes the search
case-sensitive.  Thus, searching for `Foo' does not find `foo' or
`FOO'.  This applies to regular expression search also.  If you delete
the upper-case character from the search string, it ceases to have this

   If you set the variable `case-fold-search' to `nil', then all
letters must match exactly, including case.  This is a per-buffer
variable; altering the variable affects only the current buffer, but
there is a default value which you can change as well.  Note: Locals.

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