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Searching and Replacement

   Like other editors, Emacs has commands for searching for occurrences
of a string.  The principal search command is unusual in that it is
"incremental"; it begins to search before you have finished typing the
search string.  There are also nonincremental search commands more like
those of other editors.

   Besides the usual `replace-string' command that finds all
occurrences of one string and replaces them with another, Emacs has a
fancy replacement command called `query-replace' which asks
interactively which occurrences to replace.

* Incremental Search
Search happens as you type the string.
* Nonincremental Search
Specify entire string and then search.
* Word Search
Search for sequence of words.
* Regexp Search
Search for match for a regexp.
* Regexps
Syntax of regular expressions.
* Search Case
To ignore case while searching, or not.
* Replace
Search, and replace some or all matches.
* Other Repeating Search
Operating on all matches for some regexp.

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