(emacs)Scroll Bars

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Scroll Bars

   When using X, Emacs normally makes a "scroll bar" at the right of
each Emacs window.  The scroll bar runs the height of the window, and
shows a moving rectangular inner box which represents the portion of the
buffer currently displayed.  The entire height of the scroll bar
represents the entire length of the buffer.

   You can use Mouse-2 (normally, the middle button) in the scroll bar
to move or drag the inner box up and down.  If you move it to the top
of the scroll bar, you see the top of the buffer.  If you move it to
the bottom of the scroll bar, you see the bottom of the buffer.

   The left and right buttons in the scroll bar scroll by controlled
increments.  Mouse-1 (normally, the left button) moves the line at the
level where you click up to the top of the window.  Mouse-3 (normally,
the right button) moves the line at the top of the window down to the
level where you click.  By clicking repeatedly in the same place, you
can scroll by the same distance over and over.

   You can enable or disable Scroll Bar mode with the command `M-x
scroll-bar-mode'.  With no argument, it toggles the use of scroll bars.
With an argument, it turns use of scroll bars on if and only if the
argument is positive.  This command applies to all frames, including
frames yet to be created.

   To enable or disable scroll bars for just the selected frame, use the
`M-x toggle-scroll-bar' command.

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