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   A "summary" is a buffer containing one line per message to give you
an overview of the mail in an Rmail file.  Each line shows the message
number, the sender, the labels, and the subject.  When the summary
buffer is selected, you can use almost all Rmail commands; these apply
to the message described by the current line of the summary.  Moving
point in the summary buffer selects messages as you move to their
summary lines.

   A summary buffer applies to a single Rmail file only; if you are
editing multiple Rmail files, each one has its own summary buffer (if
you have asked for one).  The summary buffer name is made by appending
`-summary' to the Rmail buffer's name.  Normally only one summary
buffer is displayed at a time.

* Rmail Make Summary
Making various sorts of summaries.
* Rmail Summary Edit
Manipulating messages from the summary.

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