(emacs)Rmail Scrolling

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Scrolling Within a Message

   When Rmail displays a message that does not fit on the screen, it is
necessary to scroll through it.  This could be done with `C-v', `M-v'
and `M-<', but in Rmail scrolling is so frequent that it deserves to be
easier to type.

     Scroll forward (`scroll-up').

     Scroll backward (`scroll-down').

     Scroll to start of message (`rmail-beginning-of-message').

   Since the most common thing to do while reading a message is to
scroll through it by screenfuls, Rmail makes SPC and DEL synonyms of
`C-v' (`scroll-up') and `M-v' (`scroll-down')

   The command `.' (`rmail-beginning-of-message') scrolls back to the
beginning of the selected message.  This is not quite the same as `M-<':
for one thing, it does not set the mark; for another, it resets the
buffer boundaries to the current message if you have changed them.

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