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Editing Within a Message

   Rmail mode provides a few special commands for moving within and
editing the current message.  In addition, the usual Emacs commands are
available (except for a few, such as `C-M-n' and `C-M-h', that are
redefined by Rmail for other purposes).  However, the Rmail buffer is
normally read-only, and to alter it you must use the Rmail command `e'
described below.

     Toggle display of original headers (`rmail-toggle-headers').

     Edit current message (`rmail-edit-current-message').

   Rmail reformats the header of each message before displaying it.
Normally this involves deleting most header fields, on the grounds that
they are not interesting.  The variable `rmail-ignored-headers'
specifies a regexp that matches the header fields to discard in this
way.  The original headers are saved permanently, and to see what they
look like, use the `t' command (`rmail-toggle-headers').  This discards
the reformatted headers of the current message and displays it with the
original headers.  Repeating `t' reformats the message again.
Selecting the message again also reformats.

   The Rmail buffer is normally read only, and most of the characters
you would type to modify it (including most letters) are redefined as
Rmail commands.  This is usually not a problem since it is rare to want
to change the text of a message.  When you do want to do this, the way
is to type `e' (`rmail-edit-current-message'), which changes from Rmail
mode into Rmail Edit mode, another major mode which is nearly the same
as Text mode.  The mode line indicates this change.

   In Rmail Edit mode, letters insert themselves as usual and the Rmail
commands are not available.  When you are finished editing the message
and are ready to go back to Rmail, type `C-c C-c', which switches back
to Rmail mode.  Alternatively, you can return to Rmail mode but cancel
all the editing that you have done by typing `C-c C-]'.

   Entering Rmail Edit mode runs the hook `text-mode-hook'; then it
runs the hook `rmail-edit-mode-hook' (Note: Hooks.).  It adds the
attribute `edited' to the message.

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