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Digest Messages

   A "digest message" is a message which exists to contain and carry
several other messages.  Digests are used on some moderated mailing
lists; all the messages that arrive for the list during a period of time
such as one day are put inside a single digest which is then sent to the
subscribers.  Transmitting the single digest uses much less computer
time than transmitting the individual messages even though the total
size is the same, because the per-message overhead in network mail
transmission is considerable.

   When you receive a digest message, the most convenient way to read
it is to "undigestify" it: to turn it back into many individual
messages.  Then you can read and delete the individual messages as it
suits you.

   To do this, type `M-x undigestify-rmail-message' after selecting the
digest message.  This extracts the submessages as separate Rmail
messages, and inserts them following the digest.  The digest message
itself is flagged as deleted.

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