(emacs)Replacement and Case

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Replace Commands and Case

   If the arguments to a replace command are in lower case, it preserves
case when it makes a replacement.  Thus, the command

     M-x replace-string RET foo RET bar RET

replaces a lower case `foo' with a lower case `bar', `FOO' with `BAR',
and `Foo' with `Bar'.  If upper case letters are used in the second
argument, they remain upper case every time that argument is inserted.
If upper case letters are used in the first argument, the second
argument is always substituted exactly as given, with no case
conversion.  Likewise, if the variable `case-replace' is set to `nil',
replacement is done without case conversion.  If `case-fold-search' is
set to `nil', case is significant in matching occurrences of `foo' to
replace; this also inhibits case conversion of the replacement string.

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