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   Emacs "registers" are places you can save text or positions for
later use.  Text and rectangles saved in registers can be copied into
the buffer once or many times; you can move point to a position saved in
a register.

   Each register has a name which is a single character.  A register can
store a piece of text, a rectangle, a position, a window configuration
or a file name, but only one thing at any given time.  Whatever you
store in a register remains there until you store something else in that
register.  To see what a register R contains, use `M-x view-register'.

`M-x view-register RET R'
     Display a description of what register R contains.

* Position
RegPosSaving positions in registers.
* Text
RegTextSaving text in registers.
* Rectangle
RegRectSaving rectangles in registers.
* Configurations
RegConfigSaving window configurations in registers.
* Files
RegFilesFile names in registers.

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