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Using Other Windows

`C-x o'
     Select another window (`other-window').  That is `o', not zero.

     Scroll the next window (`scroll-other-window').

`M-x compare-windows'
     Find next place where the text in the selected window does not
     match the text in the next window.

   To select a different window, use `C-x o' (`other-window').  That is
an `o', for `other', not a zero.  When there are more than two windows,
this command moves through all the windows in a cyclic order, generally
top to bottom and left to right.  After the rightmost and bottommost
window, it goes back to the one at the upper left corner.  A numeric
argument means to move several steps in the cyclic order of windows.  A
negative argument moves around the cycle in the opposite order.  When
the minibuffer is active, the minibuffer is the last window in the
cycle; you can switch from the minibuffer window to one of the other
windows, and later switch back and finish supplying the minibuffer
argument that is requested.  Note: Minibuffer Edit.

   The usual scrolling commands (Note: Display.) apply to the selected
window only, but there is one command to scroll the next window.
`C-M-v' (`scroll-other-window') scrolls the window that `C-x o' would
select.  It takes arguments, positive and negative, like `C-v'.  (In
the minibuffer, `C-M-v' scrolls the window that contains the minibuffer
help display, if any, rather than the next window in the standard
cyclic order.)

   The command `M-x compare-windows' lets you compare two files or
buffers visible in two windows, by moving through them to the next
mismatch.  Note: Comparing Files.

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