(emacs)Other Kill Commands

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Other Kill Commands

     Kill region (from point to the mark) (`kill-region').

     Kill word (`kill-word').  Note: Words.

     Kill word backwards (`backward-kill-word').

`C-x DEL'
     Kill back to beginning of sentence (`backward-kill-sentence').
     Note: Sentences.

     Kill to end of sentence (`kill-sentence').

     Kill sexp (`kill-sexp').  Note: Lists.

`M-z CHAR'
     Kill through the next occurrence of CHAR (`zap-to-char').

   A kill command which is very general is `C-w' (`kill-region'), which
kills everything between point and the mark.  With this command, you
can kill any contiguous sequence of characters, if you first set the
region around them.

   A convenient way of killing is combined with searching: `M-z'
(`zap-to-char') reads a character and kills from point up to (and
including) the next occurrence of that character in the buffer.  A
numeric argument acts as a repeat count.  A negative argument means to
search backward and kill text before point.

   Other syntactic units can be killed: words, with `M-DEL' and `M-d'
(Note: Words.); sexps, with `C-M-k' (Note: Lists.); and sentences,
with `C-x DEL' and `M-k' (Note: Sentences.).

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