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Conversion To and From Other Calendars

   The Emacs calendar displayed is *always* the Gregorian calendar,
sometimes called the "new style" calendar, which is used in most of the
world today.  However, this calendar did not exist before the sixteenth
century and was not widely used before the eighteenth century; it did
not fully displace the Julian calendar and gain universal acceptance
until the early twentieth century.  The Emacs calendar can display any
month since January, year 1 of the current era, but the calendar
displayed is the Gregorian, even for a date at which the Gregorian
calendar did not exist.

   While Emacs cannot display other calendars, it can convert dates to
and from several other calendars.

* Calendar Systems
The calendars Emacs understands (aside from Gregorian).
* To Other Calendar
Converting the selected date to various calendars.
* From Other Calendar
Moving to a date specified in another calendar.
* Mayan Calendar
Moving to a date specified in a Mayan calendar.

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