(emacs)Optional Display

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Optional Display Features

   To add the current line number of point to the mode line, enable Line
Number mode with the command `M-x line-number-mode'.  The line number
appears before POS, with the letter `L' to indicate what it is.  *Note
Minor Modes::, for more information about minor modes and about how to
use this command.

   If the buffer is very large (larger than the value of
`line-number-display-limit'), then the line number doesn't appear.
Emacs doesn't compute the line number when the buffer is large, because
that would be too slow.

   Emacs can optionally display the time and system load in all mode
lines.  To enable this feature, type `M-x display-time'.  The
information added to the mode line usually appears after the buffer
name, before the mode names and their parentheses.  It looks like this:

     HH:MMpm L.LL [D]

Here HH and MM are the hour and minute, followed always by `am' or
`pm'.  L.LL is the average number of running processes in the whole
system recently.  D is an approximate index of the ratio of disk
activity to cpu activity for all users.  (Some fields may be missing if
your operating system cannot support them.)

   The word `Mail' appears after the load level if there is mail for
you that you have not read yet.

   Customization note: the variable `mode-line-inverse-video' controls
whether the mode line is displayed in inverse video (assuming the
terminal supports it); `nil' means no inverse video.  The default is
`t'.  Note: Display Vars.

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