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Miscellaneous X Window Features

   The following commands do user-level mangement of frames under a
window system:

     To iconify the selected Emacs frame, type `C-z'
     (`iconify-or-deiconify-frame').  The normal meaning of `C-z', to
     suspend Emacs, is not useful under a window system, so it has a
     different binding in that case.

     If you type this command on an Emacs icon, it deiconifies the

`C-x 5 0'
     To delete the selected frame, type `C-x 5 0' (`delete-frame').  If
     there is more than one frame in this invocation of Emacs, the
     current frame is deleted.

`M-x transient-mark-mode'
     Under X Windows, when Transient Mark mode is enabled, Emacs
     highlights the region when the mark is active.  This is the main
     motive for using Transient Mark mode.  To toggle the state of this
     mode, use the command `M-x transient-mark-mode'.  Note: Mark.

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