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Other Help Commands

   `C-h i' (`info') runs the Info program, which is used for browsing
through structured documentation files.  The entire Emacs manual is
available within Info.  Eventually all the documentation of the GNU
system will be available.  Type `h' after entering Info to run a
tutorial on using Info.

   There are two special help commands for accessing Emacs documentation
through Info.  `C-h C-f FUNCTION RET' enters Info and goes straight to
the documentation of the Emacs function FUNCTION.  `C-h C-k KEY' enters
Info and goes straight to the documentation of the key KEY.  These two
keys run the commands `Info-goto-emacs-command-node' and

   If something surprising happens, and you are not sure what commands
you typed, use `C-h l' (`view-lossage').  `C-h l' prints the last 100
command characters you typed in.  If you see commands that you don't
know, you can use `C-h c' to find out what they do.

   Emacs has numerous major modes, each of which redefines a few keys
and makes a few other changes in how editing works.  `C-h m'
(`describe-mode') prints documentation on the current major mode, which
normally describes all the commands that are changed in this mode.

   `C-h b' (`describe-bindings') and `C-h s' (`describe-syntax')
present other information about the current Emacs mode.  `C-h b'
displays a list of all the key bindings now in effect; the local
bindings defined by the current minor modes first, then the local
bindings defined by the current major mode, and finally the global
bindings (Note: Key Bindings.).  `C-h s' displays the contents of the
syntax table, with explanations of each character's syntax (*note

   You can get a similar list for a particular prefix key by typing
`C-h' after the prefix key.  (There are a few prefix keys for which
this does not work--those that provide their own bindings for `C-h'.
One of these is ESC, because `ESC C-h' is actually `C-M-h', which marks
a defun.)

   The other `C-h' options display various files of useful information.
`C-h C-w' displays the full details on the complete absence of warranty
for GNU Emacs.  `C-h n' (`view-emacs-news') displays the file
`emacs/etc/NEWS', which contains documentation on Emacs changes
arranged chronologically.  `C-h t' (`help-with-tutorial') displays the
learn-by-doing Emacs tutorial.  `C-h C-c' (`describe-copying') displays
the file `emacs/etc/COPYING', which tells you the conditions you must
obey in distributing copies of Emacs.  `C-h C-d'
(`describe-distribution') displays the file `emacs/etc/DISTRIB', which
tells you how you can order a copy of the latest version of Emacs.

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