(emacs)Menu Bars

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Menu Bars

   By default, each Emacs frame has a menu bar at the top which you can
use to perform certain common operations.  There's no need to describe
them in detail here, as you can more easily see for yourself; also, we
may change them and add to them in subsequent Emacs versions.

   Each of the operations in the menu bar is bound to an ordinary Emacs
command which you can invoke equally well with `M-x' or with its own
key bindings.  To see the command's name and documentation, type `C-h
k' and then select the menu bar item you are interested in.

   You can turn display of menu bars on or off with `M-x menu-bar-mode'.
With no argument, this command toggles Menu Bar mode, a minor mode.
With an argument, the command turns Menu Bar mode on if the argument is
positive, off if the argument is not positive.

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