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Tag Table Inquiries

`M-x list-tags'
     Display a list of the tags defined in a specific program file.

`M-x tags-apropos'
     Display a list of all tags matching a specified regexp.

   `M-x list-tags' reads the name of one of the files described by the
selected tag table, and displays a list of all the tags defined in that
file.  The "file name" argument is really just a string to compare
against the names recorded in the tag table; it is read as a string
rather than as a file name.  Therefore, completion and defaulting are
not available, and you must enter the string the same way it appears in
the tag table.  Do not include a directory as part of the file name
unless the file name recorded in the tag table includes a directory.

   `M-x tags-apropos' is like `apropos' for tags.  It reads a regexp,
then finds all the tags in the selected tag table whose entries match
that regexp, and displays the tag names found.

   You can also perform completion in the buffer on the name space of
tag names in the current tag tables.  Note: Symbol Completion.

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