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   Most window managers allow the user to "iconify" a frame, removing
it from sight, and leaving a small, distinctive "icon" window in its
place.  Clicking on the icon window will make the original frame visible
again.  If a user has many clients running at once, they can avoid
cluttering up their screen by iconifying all but the clients currently
in use.

   The `-i' and `-itype' option tells Emacs to use an icon window
containing a picture of the GNU gnu.  If omitted, Emacs lets the window
manager choose what sort of icon to use -- usually just a small
rectangle containing the frame's title.

   The `-iconic' option tells Emacs to begin running as an icon, rather
than opening a frame right away.  In this situation, the icon window
provides only indication that Emacs has started; the usual text frame
doesn't appear until you de-iconify it.

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