(emacs)General Calendar

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Miscellaneous Calendar Commands

`p d'
     Display day-in-year (`calendar-print-day-of-year').

`C-c C-l'
     Regenerate the calendar window (`redraw-calendar').

     Exit from calendar (`exit-calendar').

   To print the number of days elapsed since the start of the year, or
the number of days remaining in the year, type the `p d' command
(`calendar-print-day-of-year').  This displays both of those numbers in
the echo area.  The number of days elapsed includes the selected date.
The number of days remaining does not include that date.

   If the calendar window gets corrupted, type `C-c C-l'
(`redraw-calendar') to redraw it.

   To exit from the calendar, type `q' (`exit-calendar').  This buries
all buffers related to the calendar and returns the window display to
what it was when you entered the calendar.

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