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Converting From Other Calendars

   You can move to dates that you specify on the Commercial, Julian,
astronomical, Hebrew, Islamic, or French calendars:

`g c'
     Move to a date specified in the ISO commercial calendar

`g j'
     Move to a date specified in the Julian calendar

`g a'
     Move to a date specified in astronomical (Julian) day number

`g h'
     Move to a date specified in the Hebrew calendar

`g i'
     Move to a date specified in the Islamic calendar

`g f'
     Move to a date specified in the French Revolutionary calendar

   These commands ask you for a date on the other calendar, move point
to the Gregorian calendar date equivalent to that date, and display the
other calendar's date in the echo area.  Emacs uses strict completion
(Note: Completion.) whenever it asks you to type a month name, so you
don't have to worry about the spelling of Hebrew, Islamic, or French

   One common question concerning the Hebrew calendar is the computation
of the anniversary of a date of death, called a "yahrzeit."  The Emacs
calendar includes a facility for such calculations.  If you are in the
calendar, the command `M-x list-yahrzeit-dates' asks you for a range of
years and then displays a list of the yahrzeit dates for those years
for the date given by point.  If you are not in the calendar, this
command first asks you for the date of death and the range of years,
and then displays the list of yahrzeit dates.

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