(emacs)Fortran Columns

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`C-c C-r'
     Display a "column ruler" momentarily above the current line

`C-c C-w'
     Split the current window horizontally temporarily so that it is 72
     columns wide.  This may help you avoid making lines longer than
     the 72 character limit that some fortran compilers impose

   The command `C-c C-r' (`fortran-column-ruler') shows a column ruler
momentarily above the current line.  The comment ruler is two lines of
text that show you the locations of columns with special significance in
Fortran programs.  Square brackets show the limits of the columns for
line numbers, and curly brackets show the limits of the columns for the
statement body.  Column numbers appear above them.

   Note that the column numbers count from zero, as always in GNU Emacs.
As a result, the numbers may be one less than those you are familiar
with; but the positions they indicate in the line are standard for

   The text used to display the column ruler is the value of the
variable `fortran-comment-ruler'.  By changing this variable, you can
change the display.

   For even more help, use `C-c C-w' (`fortran-window-create'), a
command which splits the current window horizontally, making a window 72
columns wide.  By editing in this window you can immediately see when
you make a line too wide to be correct Fortran.

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