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Fortran Auto Fill Mode

   Fortran Auto Fill mode is a minor mode which automatically splits
Fortran statements as you insert them when they become too wide.
Splitting a statement involves making continuation lines.  This
splitting happens when you type SPC, RET, or TAB, and also in the
Fortran indentation commands.

   `M-x fortran-auto-fill-mode' turns Fortran Auto Fill mode on if it
was off, or off if it was on.  This command works the same as `M-x
auto-fill-mode' does for normal Auto Fill mode (Note: Filling.).  A
positive numeric argument turns Fortran Auto Fill mode on, and a
negative argument turns it off.  You can see when Fortran Auto Fill mode
is in effect by the presence of the word `Fill' in the mode line,
inside the parentheses.  Fortran Auto Fill mode is a minor mode, turned
on or off for each buffer individually.  Note: Minor Modes.

   Fortran Auto Fill mode breaks lines at spaces or delimiters when the
lines get longer than the desired width (the value of `fill-column').
The delimiters that Fortran Auto Fill mode may break at are `,', `'',
`+', `-', `/', `*', `=', and `)'.  The line break comes after the
delimiter if the variable `fortran-break-before-delimiters' is `nil'.
Otherwise (and by default), the break comes before the delimiter.

   By default, Fortran Auto Fill mode is not enabled.  If you want this
feature turned on permanently, add a hook function to
`fortran-mode-hook' to execute `(fortran-auto-fill-mode 1)'.  *Note

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