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Fortran Mode

   Fortran mode provides special motion commands for Fortran statements
and subprograms, and indentation commands that understand Fortran
conventions of nesting, line numbers and continuation statements.
Fortran mode has it's own Auto Fill mode that breaks long lines into
proper Fortran continuation lines.

   Special commands for comments are provided because Fortran comments
are unlike those of other languages.

   Built-in abbrevs optionally save typing when you insert Fortran

   Use `M-x fortran-mode' to switch to this major mode.  This command
runs the hook `fortran-mode-hook' (Note: Hooks.).

* Motion
Fortran MotionMoving point by statements or subprograms.
* Indent
Fortran IndentIndentation commands for Fortran.
* Comments
Fortran CommentsInserting and aligning comments.
* Autofill
Fortran AutofillAuto fill minor mode for Fortran.
* Columns
Fortran ColumnsMeasuring columns for valid Fortran.
* Abbrev
Fortran AbbrevBuilt-in abbrevs for Fortran keywords.
   Fortran mode was contributed by Michael Prange.  It has been updated
by Stephen A. Wood who has collated the contributions and suggestions
of many users.

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