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Font Specification Options

   By default, Emacs displays text in the font named `9x15', which
makes each character nine pixels wide and fifteen pixels high.  You can
specify a different font on your command line through the option `-fn
NAME'.  The `-font' option is a synonym for `-fn'.

   Here is how to specify the font `6x13':

     emacs -fn 6x13 &

You can also do this in your `.Xdefaults' file:

     emacs.font:      6x13

   Use only fixed width fonts--that is, fonts in which all characters
have the same width.  Emacs cannot yet handle display properly for
variable width fonts.  Fixed width fonts include the one named `fixed',
and fonts with names in the form NxN, such as `6x13', `8x13', and
`9x15'.  Under the font-naming conventions in X11 Release 4 or later,
any font with `m' or `c' in the eleventh field of the name is a fixed
width font.

   Here's how to use the `xlsfonts' program to list all the fixed width
fonts available on your system:

     xlsfonts -fn '*x*'
     xlsfonts -fn '*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-m*'
     xlsfonts -fn '*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-c*'

To see what a particular font looks like, use the `xfd' command.  For

     xfd -fn 6x13

displays the entire font `6x13'.

   While running Emacs, you can set the font of the current frame
(Note: Frame Parameters.) or for a specific kind of text (*note

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