(emacs)Fine Points of Emerge

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Fine Points of Emerge

   During the merge, you mustn't try to edit the A and B buffers
yourself.  Emerge modifies them temporarily, but ultimately puts them
back the way they were.

   You can have any number of merges going at once--just don't use any
one buffer as input to more than one merge at once, since the temporary
changes made in these buffers would get in each other's way.

   Starting Emerge can take a long time because it needs to compare the
files fully.  Emacs can't do anything else until `diff' finishes.
Perhaps in the future someone will change Emerge to do the comparison in
the background when the input files are large--then you could keep on
doing other things with Emacs until Emerge gets ready to accept

   After setting up the merge, Emerge runs the hook
`emerge-startup-hook' (Note: Hooks.).

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