(emacs)File Aliases

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File Name Aliases

   Symbolic links and hard links both make it possible for several file
names to refer to the same file.  For example, when `foo' is a symbolic
link to `bar', the file has two names, but `bar' is the real name, and
`foo' is just an alias.  More complex cases occur when symbolic links
point to directories.

   If you visit two names for the same file, normally Emacs makes two
different buffers, but it warns you about the situation.

   If you wish to avoid visiting the same file in two buffers under
different names, set the variable `find-file-existing-other-name' to a
non-`nil' value.  Then `find-file' uses the existing buffer visiting
the file, no matter which of the file's names you specify.

   If the variable `find-file-visit-truename' is non-`nil', then the
file name recorded for a buffer is the file's "truename" (made by
replacing all symbolic links with their target names), rather than the
name you specify.  Setting `find-file-visit-truename' also implies the
effect of `find-file-existing-other-name'.

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