(emacs)Dired Enter

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Entering Dired

   To invoke Dired, do `C-x d' or `M-x dired'.  The command reads a
directory name or wildcard file name pattern as a minibuffer argument
to specify which files to list.  Where `dired' differs from
`list-directory' is in putting the buffer into Dired mode so that the
special commands of Dired are available.

   The variable `dired-listing-switches' specifies the options to give
to `ls' for listing directory; this string *must* contain `-l'.  If you
use a numeric prefix argument with the `dired' command, you can specify
the `ls' switches with the minibuffer after you finish entering the
directory specification.

   To display the Dired buffer in another window rather than in the
selected window, use `C-x 4 d' (`dired-other-window)' instead of `C-x

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