(emacs)Completion Options

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Completion Options

   When completion is done on file names, certain file names are usually
ignored.  The variable `completion-ignored-extensions' contains a list
of strings; a file whose name ends in any of those strings is ignored
as a possible completion.  The standard value of this variable has
several elements including `".o"', `".elc"', `".dvi"' and `"~"'.  The
effect is that, for example, `foo' can complete to `foo.c' even though
`foo.o' exists as well.  However, if all the possible completions end
in "ignored" strings, then they are not ignored.  Ignored extensions do
not apply to lists of completions--those always mention all possible

   Normally, a completion command that finds the next character is
undetermined automatically displays a list of all possible completions.
If the variable `completion-auto-help' is set to `nil', this does not
happen, and you must type `?' to display the possible completions.

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