(emacs)Completion Commands

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Completion Commands

   Here is a list of the completion commands defined in the minibuffer
when completion is available.

     Complete the text in the minibuffer as much as possible

     Complete the minibuffer text, but don't go beyond one word

     Submit the text in the minibuffer as the argument, possibly
     completing first as described below

     Print a list of all possible completions of the text in the
     minibuffer (`minibuffer-list-completions').

     Clicking mouse button 2 on a completion in the list of possible
     completions chooses that completion (`mouse-choose-completion').
     Like the above commands, this command is used while you are in the
     minibuffer; but click in the list of completions, not in the
     minibuffer itself.

   SPC completes much like TAB, but never goes beyond the next hyphen
or space.  If you have `auto-f' in the minibuffer and type SPC, it
finds that the completion is `auto-fill-mode', but it stops completing
after `fill-'.  This gives `auto-fill-'.  Another SPC at this point
completes all the way to `auto-fill-mode'.  SPC in the minibuffer when
completion is available runs the command `minibuffer-complete-word'.

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