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Window Color Options

   On a color display, you can specify which color to use for various
parts of the Emacs display.  To find out what colors are available on
your system, look at the `/usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt' file.  If you do not
specify colors, the default for the background is white and the default
for all other colors is black.

   On a monochrome (black and white) display, the foreground is black,
the background is white, and the border is grey.  You can reverse the
foreground and background colors through the `-r' option or the
`reverseVideo' resource.

   Here is a list of the options for specifying colors:

`-fg COLOR'
     Specify the foreground color.

`-bg COLOR'
     Specify the background color.

`-bd COLOR'
     Specify the color of the border of the X window.

`-cr COLOR'
     Specify the color of the Emacs cursor which indicates where point

`-ms COLOR'
     Specify the color for the mouse cursor when the mouse is in the
     Emacs window.

   For example, to use a coral mouse cursor and a slate blue text
cursor, enter:

     emacs -ms coral -cr 'slate blue' &

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