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The Calendar and the Diary

   Emacs provides the functions of a desk calendar, with a diary of
planned or past events.  To enter the calendar, type `M-x calendar';
this displays a three-month calendar centered on the current month, with
point on the current date.  If you use prefix argument as in `C-u M-x
calendar', it prompts you for the month and year to be the center of
the three-month calendar.  The calendar uses its own buffer and the
major mode is Calendar mode.

   To exit the calendar, type `q'.

* Calendar Motion
Moving through the calendar; selecting a date.
* Scroll Calendar
Bringing earlier or later months onto the screen.
* Counting Days
How many days are there between two dates?
* General Calendar
Exiting or recomputing the calendar.
* Holidays
Displaying dates of holidays.
* Sunrise/Sunset
Displaying local times of sunrise and sunset.
* Lunar Phases
Displaying phases of the moon.
* Other Calendars
Converting dates to other calendar systems.
* Diary
Displaying events from your diary.
* Appointments
Reminders when it's time to do something.
* Daylight Savings
How to specify when daylight savings time is active.

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