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Compiling and Testing Programs

   The previous chapter discusses the Emacs commands that are useful for
making changes in programs.  This chapter deals with commands that
assist in the larger process of developing and maintaining programs.

* Compilation
Compiling programs in languages other than Lisp (C, Pascal, etc.)
* Debuggers
Running symbolic debuggers for non-Lisp programs.
* Executing Lisp
Various modes for editing Lisp programs, with different facilities for running the Lisp programs.
* Libraries
Lisp LibrariesCreating Lisp programs to run in Emacs.
* Interaction
Lisp InteractionExecuting Lisp in an Emacs buffer.
* Eval
Lisp EvalExecuting a single Lisp expression in Emacs.
* External Lisp
Communicating through Emacs with a separate Lisp.

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